Neil Kwiatkowski

Fall 2018


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Smart Design
2015 - present

Since joining the Smart Design team 3 years ago, I've made a lasting impact on the ID team and culture while growing from an intern to a Staff II designer. Smart has taught me an immense amount about design, particularly working efficiently when handling multiple projects in different fields. I've had the privilege of leading both individual and team projects with several major clients, and have produced successful work that has led to return clients and lasting relationships. I've collaborative closely with Engineers, Interaction Designers, Strategists, and Business Development staff to touch every part of the design process, from building pitch assets for potential clients, to refining factory samples in coordination with overseas suppliers.

Other responsibilities:

  • ID talent acquisition

  • internship coordinator and mentor

  • leading ID inspiration trips to NYC art galleries

  • happy hour ambassador



Neil was a joy to work with from day one. He brings an enthusiasm and hunger to learn to all aspects of his work and channels it into solving complex design challenges. Neil is a great team player and is always willing to go the extra mile for his team mates bringing that extra burst of energy when needed most. Neil and I worked closely together on a number of projects and I could always rely on him to over deliver on whatever was asked of him. I would highly recommend Neil and would love the opportunity to work with him again.
- Linden Evans, Senior Designer @ Smart Design 


Having known Neil as a colleague at Smart Design, I can confidently say that his design superpower is resourcefulness. He also approaches design in such a multifaceted way. He recognizes that design is so much more than sketching and CAD, although he is very good at both. He understands it is about relationship-building, storytelling and human connection. At his young age, he has a design maturity beyond his years. It was my pleasure to have worked with Neil.
- Joey Zeledon, Senior Designer @ Smart Design

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selected clients


Frabill Trophy Haul Landing Nets

Smart Design
Fall 2017

giphy power extend.gif

Power Extend prototype_001

giphy power  2.gif

Power Extend prototype_002


OXO Good Grips

2015 - present


OXO Compact Cold Brew

Smart Design
Fall 2016


Gatorade Gx System Components

Smart Design
Fall 2016

nike urban legend-01_small.png

Nike Urban Legend

Senior Thesis / Collaboration with Nike
2014 - 2015


Personal Projects + Other Fun Stuff



Freelance work



Sharpie - Colored Pencil - Flar Pen - United States Currency


Neon + Plants

Glass tubing - Electricity - Argon Gas - Metal Pot - Aloe barbadensis plant


Skateboards + Plants

Skate Deck - Sharpie - Acrylic - Soil - Philodendron cordatum plant


Skateboards + Sharpies

Skate Deck - Sharpie


NIKE Football Equipment

May 2018 (in progress)
Personal project

prototyping - glove

prototyping - shin pad


thank you for your time and consideration.